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Circuit Training for Weight Loss

By Carla Pagniello | In Fitness Classes Mississauga, Fitness Classes Oakville, Fitness Mississauga, Fitness Oakville | on September 1, 2016

Circuit training for weight loss

Movement is essential for all human beings (we are meant to be physical), therefore, exercise is key to losing weight in Mississauga and Oakville. Circuit training is one of the most effective exercise methods to losing weight and decreasing your overall body fat. It helps to maximize the amount of calories you burn during your workout as well as throughout the rest of your day following your workout session. Always consult with your doctor before starting a workout routine.

Here’s how to do circuit training: perform 6-10 different exercises in a row, allowing yourself minimal rest in between each exercise. Once you complete all of the exercises, rest and recover for 2 minutes before performing it again, and complete 2-5 rounds of the circuit. Choose compound exercises for the circuit that hit all of the major muscle groups: chest, back, shoulders, legs and core. Circuit training also helps improve your overall strength, and muscular endurance and fitness level.

Circuit training will help you lose weight in Mississauga and Oakville most effectively, because it maximizes calorie burning by keeping you more active throughout your workout. Less rest periods between exercises = more time working and burning calories, therefore, better bang for your buck! This type of training also decreases the boredom factor and allows you to get maximum results in minimum time, as you can combine many activities (skipping, treadmill, biking, rowing, weight training, etc.) into one workout.

Other benefits of this type of workout are the fat-burning potential and ‘post-workout’ gains it has. Not only does the fast pace of the workout lend to more calorie and fat burn (you’ll torch more calories in 20 minutes than you would in an entire hour on the elliptical, for example), but the intensity of it allows you to reap the benefits even after your workout is over! Research shows that circuit training workouts create a higher degree of ‘post-exercise excess oxygen consumption’ (EPOC) than traditional cardio workouts. EPOC allows for a metabolic boost which your body retains hours and days after your workout – up to 48 hours post-workout! This is a significant source of additional calorie burn!

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