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Personal Training Burlington

Personal Training Burlington

Initial Set-up Process

The personal training in Burlington process starts with an initial phone call where we will answer all of your questions and explain in greater detail how we can best help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We then like to meet you in person, whether it be in your home or in our personal training studio. This allows us to explain everything we offer in detail, as well as what your typical personal training in Burlington session with us will be like. Moreover, it is imperative that we form a great rapport with you when we first meet as you’ll be spending two or three hours a week with us so you want to make sure it’s a good fit!

During your first personal training in Burlington session with us we gather very important information from you, such as: health history, lifestyle habits, fitness, nutrition and other goals you may have. We then take your precise measurements which involves body parts measurements and a body fat analysis. From there we determine where you stand in terms of healthy lean tissue versus fat tissue and where you ideally want to aim to be.

Additionally, we will conduct a physical assessment with you that will involve a postural, gait, movement and strength analysis. This allows us personal trainers in Burlington to pin-point areas that you need improvement in. Certain areas that may be addressed would be areas that require strengthening, stretching/lengthening or even possible therapy that you may need.

We will also conduct some fitness testing to assess what level of fitness you are at, from a cardiovascular, strength (upper body, lower body, core) flexibility, and balance standpoint. Upon the conclusion of this assessment we as your personal trainers will have a well detailed picture of your needs and how we will best get you to your goals.


Your exercise Burlington program will be based on your initial assessment, and what your personal trainer in Burlington thinks your main goals should be. We will also focus your specific goals that you came to achieve. From there, we will design a program that will build on your weaknesses so you can be on your way to forming a stronger foundation – The old adage is very true: You are only as strong as your weakest link!

During your workouts with us we will focus on proper execution of movement patterns (technique) as well as your flexibility, range of motion, posture and balance through all exercises. Additionally, we will work on building you a strong and stable core; as that is essential to achieving total body strength.


Your workouts will include a proper warm up, cool down, and stretching of the muscles used in your workout. Sets and repetitions completed in your workout will depend on your individual fitness goals and needs. For instance, if your goal is weight loss, then a circuit style training method will be used to keep you moving and challenging all of your major muscle groups.

We will also give you “homework” workouts to do on the days when you don’t see us for a personal training in Burlington session. We as your trainers expect you to do your homework as time spent on your own is very crucial.

We will give you all the tools you need to be successful from a workout and healthy eating standpoint. How diligently you apply these tools that you are given determines your overall success and goal attainment.

As a final point, we provide coaching and correspondence via emails or text messages whenever you need us. So if you are at the grocery store or restaurant trying to make the best healthy choices, or on a business trip trying to do a workout in your hotel gym, we will guide you every step of the way so you can be on your way to accomplishing all of your fitness and wellness goals!

Contact us TODAY to get started. We are waiting for your call!

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