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Small Group Personal Training

Are you looking for a fun and motivating way to workout that promises GREAT results too? Then look no further than Inspiration Fitness and our small group personal training in Oakville,Mississauga and Burlington.

You will be paired up with other clients looking to achieve similar health and fitness goals as you work through a fun series of exercises that will challenge your strength, balance, flexibility, core and cardiovascular fitness. Typical workouts will be circuit-style and will involve strengthtraining with free weights, cardiovascular training exercises, and exercises using functional equipment such as: battle ropes, kettlebells, trx suspension trainer, bosu balls, boxing/kickboxing, etc. Workouts will also include proper warm-ups, cool downs, and stretching using yoga and other flexibility modalities.

Your personal trainer in Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington will coach and motivate you through your entire workout, ensuring you are getting the MOST out of your training session. Our personal trainers not only guide you on your fitness program, but also on your nutrition and eating habits to ensure you get the best results possible!

Working out in a small group personal training session in Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington is fun and motivating and will push you to do more than you thought you physically could! There might even be a little friendly competition going on between participants too!!

If you have a small group of individuals (2-3 people) looking for a FUN, challenging, and motivating workout then call us TODAY to get started on your health and fitness journey!

Email: info@inspirationfitness.ca or Call: 416-550-2277