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“A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”
– Walter Gagehot


Client Testimonials


Johanne Badrov’s Testimonial:

Last April (2016) I decided it was time to get back in shape. I am 58 years old, I’ve had a hip and knee replacement due to osteoarthritis, and have been overweight as a result of inactivity and bad eating habits for years. So I asked myself, how do I get started? I could not picture myself going to a regular gym, so I searched online for other options and came across “Inspiration Fitness”. I liked the fact that Carla had her own private gym. I met with her and liked her professionalism and credentials. She said “it is never too late to start exercising”. She asked me my objectives and I told her I wanted to lose 30 lbs and be able to walk some distance before my trip to Europe at the end of July. She said it was possible, and 3 months later I had lost 35 lbs, 22 ½ inches off my body, and 5.1% body fat, and I was able to walk much easier and further.

Carla was a lifesaver for me! She helped me with food choices and recipes, challenged me in workouts, and helped me a great deal with my balance issues. She even devised a pool workout routine for me to do in my pool in the summer! She is always encouraging and each exercise is designed for my specific needs. She has a great deal of experience and knows what will work for you.

To date (January 2017), I have lost a total of 50 lbs, decreased my body fat by 7.5%, lost over 37 lbs of fat and over 30 inches off my body! I’ve also significantly improved my cholesterol levels, my blood pressure is normal (used to be too high), and I’m managing my diabetes very well as my blood sugar levels are normal now. The results have been significant as I continue losing weight, following a good eating plan, and getting stronger!

Personal training is one of the best investments I have ever made and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get in shape and better their lives!!! 🙂

Thank you Carla!

– Johanne


Johanne’s Before & After Pics:

Johanne Before PhotoJohanne After Photo

Britt Aziz’s Testimonial:

“When I started working out with Carla, I had never really done any circuit or weight training before and now I realize how much time I wasted doing Cardio and getting nowhere. It wasn’t until Carla taught me how to use so many different types of equipment in so many different ways, that I realized how much of it difference it made in the results I could see. The best part about working out with Carla was having the appointment twice a week, I knew I was going to get at least 2 great workouts in a week and I could usually fit another 2 in myself. I also loved the diversity of each workout. We never repeated a workout, it was always something new that kept me interested and kept my muscles guessing! Since I’ve stopped seeing Carla, I have continued to keep off weight and have continued to work out gaining lean muscle. I use techniques she has taught me to continue to build muscle and burn fat. It is safe to say I will never go back to working out the way I used to.




Britt’s Before & After Pics:

Brittany Before Brittany After


Pierre Dionne’s Testimonial:

“I had been working out on and off for over 15 years, trying to put on some muscle mass. Lacking discipline and motivation, I could spend months not going to the gym. Obviously, this resulted in a spectacular lack of results. So I decided to give personal training a try. I started working out with Carla on a weekly basis in the fall of 2005 – it’s been almost 4 years now.

Besides showing me proper form and new exercises, Carla “encouraged” me to work out on a regular basis, so I now work out 5 times per week. Next, she worked on changing my eating habits. Although I still don’t look like the Incredible Hulk, I am very happy with what I see in the mirror, and I feel great. Working out with Carla is the best decision I ever made with regards to my health.” – Pierre

Pierre’s Before & After Pics:

Pierre Before1After


Farah Jamani’s Testimonial:

“Often we begin an exercise program looking to lose some weight quickly or drop a dress size and then think we will be fitter, perhaps a little stronger, however we don’t often expect to gain a stronger mental focus and increased energy along the way.

I started to personal train with Carla a little over a year ago. I wasn’t fitting into some clothes, I thought I would personal train for a few months, and then quit and continue my regular life. How mistaken was I! After personal training with Carla for a few months, I noticed a substantial increase in my stamina, and began doing things I never thought possible (of course along with losing the weight). I have now completed 2 10k races and I was never a runner! Before Carla, running around the block was tough. I have also now climbed the CN tower in 22 minutes for charity along with other clients and am gearing up to train for a half marathon next year.

Personal training with Carla is not easy. She challenges you in ways you did not think possible, she’s creative in how she works all different muscle groups, but she also inspires you to think about why you are trying to get stronger outside of looking better and pushing past your preconceived mental and physical limits. And this is what strengthens you mentally. I’ve noticed a calmer outlook and strength in dealing with everyday situations at home and work. Couple this with her eating plan, and it’s now become a lifestyle choice not a “diet” or “exercise plan”.

Although you do have to have initiative and motivation to work out on your own, having Carla come to your home twice weekly is instant motivation for days that you may not feel up to working out and the couch seems more comfortable than the gym. At the end of the personal training session you do feel more energized and have had a break from your day and enjoyed some “me” time for an hour.
She truly does embody “inspiration fitness”. – Farah

Farah’s Before & After Pics:

F & J AfterFarah AFTER


Roseann McCrindle’s Testimonial:

“As a 40 year-old working mother of a three year-old, the convenience of Carla coming to my home twice weekly has been amazing. Carla’s strong knowledge of personal training, nutrition, and her strong understanding of my fitness goals has benefited me greatly. Carla motivates me to work myself hard to achieve results and I can definitely see and feel noticeable changes in my body. The personal training sessions are varied comprised of strength training and cardio….no room for boredom. Just when you think Carla couldn’t possibly have another exercise in her repertoire, boom, there she goes…something new to try and even more challenging.” – Roseann

Roseann’s Before & After Pics:



Carole Kermen’s Testimonial:

Carla began as my Personal Trainer in June 2008. I was skeptical at first, as there are a lot of people who “claim” to be trainers. I’m 37 years old, a mother of a 3 ½ year old, a wife, and working a full time career. I had lost some weight on my own but was feeling that I had hit a plateau and wanted that little “extra”.
Carla was the perfect fit. She taught me how strength training is essential to maintain a great body. My coworkers have commented on my defined arms and slimmed down legs. I’ve even been told I look younger and taller!! (I used to have a terrible habit of slouching due to weak abs and back) Believe it or not, strength training made me lose another 5 inches overall. So forget about the idea of “I will bulk up if I do weights”. I am now smaller today than in my early 20’s.

There has also been the added benefit of Carla’s advice and tips on eating habits and nutrition during each of my personal training sessions. Being stronger, has led me to enjoy other activities such as outdoor running and road cycling.

Carla is professional on how she runs her business and a great motivator. The only thing you will have to worry about is that her personal training sessions are addictive and you won’t want to give it up!! – Carole

Carole’s Before & After Pics:



Emily Aziz’s Testimonial:

” I had always been the type to workout fairly regularly but I was frustrated when I was not seeing results. After a change
in my diet to purely gluten-free eating and mostly avoiding all gluten-free carbohydrates as well, I began to lose the
weight I had longed to lose. I felt great, but still did not look how I had imagined myself: toned and feeling in shape. I started personal training with Carla in November 2012 and from the get-go she worked me extremely hard and I had never pushed myself to the point she pushes me. My muscles were aching after each workout but I felt stronger every time I saw her. Outside our weekly or twice a week workouts together I also trained on my own, now switching from the way I used to workout (lots of cardio and some weights) to the new ways Carla taught me (full body training in circuits). I immediately saw a change in my figure, I felt stronger and my body was toning. I began to receive compliments on my new body and it has been the greatest feeling in the world! Since my journey with Carla I have lost 5 pounds, 7.5” total and 4% body fat! I am determined to continue with Carla to get great workouts while having fun and keeping up my body!”  Thank you Carla! – Emily 

Emily’s Before & After Pics:



Erika Tabaka’s Testimonial:

“Carla, you are so fun to work with! You know how to work people past their potential while looking at individual needs and wants. You take the time to put a plan together that works. To be honest I don’t think I ever had the same workout once while is really awesome because I never knew what to expect. You’re a pleasure to work with and I just wish I had more income to work with you again because you clearly know what you’re doing from the results I achieved with you. You know how to make workouts fun; while making me sweat like crazy! Thank again for everything Carla :)” – Erika 

Erika’s Before & After Pics:

BeforeAfter - 8 week contest winner


Jeremy Yim’s Testimonial:

“When I started with Carla, I had never worked out before. It was very intimidating, I didn’t know what I was doing, or what to expect. This all quickly changed when Carla put me at ease by talking with me on what my goals and expectations where. From there she developed a personalized program for me to help me attain my goals. She helped me reach those goals by making sure I always worked to my full potential. I told her very early on “I have a feeling this will probably be one of the best decisions I will make in my life.” It didn’t take long for me to realize what I said would be true and even today I still believe it. Through the years my program has always changed depending on what new goals I set or needs I wanted. She always makes sure I reach or surpass my goals by making working out entertaining and challenging. To this day, I have a new appreciation for working out, eating healthy, and I have gained a lifetime friend in Carla.” – Jeremy

Jeremy’s Before & After Pics:

March 24, 2010 BEFOREFinal Pic1 (1), Nov. 9, 2012Final Pic1 (3)


James Pencharz’s Testimonial:

“Carla’s greatest strength is forcing you to face your health challenges. I am a runner and have completed numerous runs (e.g. ½ marathons, 10kms) and therefore am quite comfortable with my aerobic capacity. However, when Carla assessed my fitness 12 months ago, my profile demonstrated a much higher percent body fat than I was willing to admit. She challenged me to address the obvious gaps in my fitness: core strength and muscle mass. Over the past year working with Carla, I’ve seen real results! I’ve gained inches in the right places (arms, chest) and lost inches in the right places (waist, hips) while building muscle mass and strength. My energy is better than it has ever been, and the best part is I never lost my aerobic ability having finished my first marathon in the past year. Thanks Carla!” – James

James’ Before & After Pics:

F & J AfterJames AFTER pic


* WATCH: Greg Crosby’s Video Testimonial:

* WATCH: Christine Nickerson’s Video Testimonial:

Other Client Testimonials:

“I starting working with Carla 3 short months ago and I could not be more pleased with her as my personal trainer.  I am over weight and my doctor’s recommendation was to lose 60 pounds and start exercising regularly.  I am 54 years old.   Here is what I have achieved thus far with Carla:

–        I have already lost 13.5 lbs, 8 lbs of the total weight loss was pure body fat.

–        I have lost a total of 10 inches off my body.

–        I have decreased 1% body fat

–        I am down 2 dress sizes

I am already noticing that I have more energy and sleep much better at night.  I suffered from chronic shoulder pain – which has completely gone away”!!!! Carla is a very client focused trainer and genuinely cares about you and your progress.  She is extremely professional & very knowledgeable.  I can always count on her to keep me motivated every step of the way. Carla is a great confidence booster.  I have also begun taking Yoga classes with her once a week in addition to my personal training sessions.  I absolutely love the Yoga – I had never tried it before. Carla…. thank you for all that you do.  My life is changing in such a positive direction.  I look forward to continuing working with you for many “healthy” years to come”. – Mary Ann Schiralli

“It was about last spring when I noticed I was starting to feel stiff, my hips hurt, my back hurt, things were just not the same as they used to be. I went to the Dr. had an x-ray and was told I was showing signs of arthritis in my lower back and bursitis in my hips. Hmm, I am only 40, this should not be happening yet and I need to stop it. So I went online to find a trainer and found the Inspiration Fitness website. I am a firm believer in fate and when I first started talking to Carla on the phone she asked what time of day I wanted to train, I told her and she laughed and said that is so strange, I just had that exact time slot open up. Carla has managed to help me find a person within myself that I didn’t know existed. She is so much more than a personal trainer. I have had four other personal trainers in the past, and my relationship with Carla is far different than any of those. The results I have had with Carla far exceeded my expectations. She makes me want to follow her plan for me, and she always has a plan and a goal in mind. If nothing else, Carla is patient and she waits for exactly the right moment to start the next phase of her plan. She clearly communicates the long and short term goals and makes sure that I am clear on the path we will take to obtain these goals. The workouts are different everyday and always interesting. Carla has helped me identify the triggers that cause me to eat poorly. She has shown me the difference in my body’s performance based on the foods I put into it. Carla shows as much delight in my accomplishments I do, which is so motivating! I am extremely pleased with the results we have achieved so far and can’t wait to see how much more we can achieve together”. – Leah

“The Person I was one year ago is not who I am today – I have changed for the better, and Carla’s expertise and encouragement has aided in this shift. The absence of physical activity and proper diet (and the motivation to change) was contributing to the worsening of my health issues. I reached a point where I knew I needed to take care of myself to avoid further deterioration, and I needed help. I finally got myself to sign-up for personal training, with Carla. Less than one year later, I am 15 lbs. lighter and 15 inches smaller, with a completely new attitude about my health, and life! Through her constant encouragement and support, Carla has kept me motivated… [she] has taken me out of my “comfort zone” … never in my life did I think I would run; Carla showed me I could and now I run regularly and have completed a 10km race! Her passion and commitment to her career in physical health is evident, and makes her great at what she does. She is a fantastic instructor and personal trainer.” – Padma

“Despite going to the gym three times a week for the past two years, I could not get the results I wanted (increase muscle tone and develop healthy eating habits). One afternoon, I approached Carla to help me achieve the desired results… She introduced me to yoga which changed my life both personally and professionally. She is very approachable, welcoming and ready to answer all my questions. She prepared a weight training program which I am still following with ease. She also helped me to develop healthy eating habits to achieve my goal… I noticed a great change in my body shape and muscle tone. I am more flexible and I feel much healthier and happier… I have been getting a lot of compliments from friends, my brother and people at work saying that I look “pumped”. I have never felt so good about myself and I owe it all to Carla’s knowledge and dedication.”- Akash

“Carla has a gentle approach which is not intimidating in the slightest, which for me is very important. She … pushes me hard to ensure I am getting the most out of my personal training sessions. At the beginning, I thought I’d try it for a few sessions, but after almost a year now, I can’t imagine not training with her and if I miss a week, I feel it. My strength, flexibility and tone have much improved. The combination of spinning and training with her has resulted in the decrease of 2 dress sizes. I feel better about my physique. I have little self motivation when it comes to working-out, therefore Carla is a perfect solution for me.” – Jackie

“My family and friends have commented to me on how much happier, balanced, and that I am a more enjoyable person to be around when I’m in when I’m working out with Carla on a regular basis. My mood is much more upbeat, I sleep better, and I feel more alive”. – Joanna

“Carla’s life philosophies around corporal health are very in-sync with mine. She has the ability to explain things to someone who needs to understand what s/he is doing and why. She has the ability to gauge the right amount of intensity and exercise for people of all levels. She combines exercise with emphasis on nutrition, sleep, common sense, and her clients’ individual goals.” – Nadir


What clients have to say about Inspiration Fitness:

– Very professional, excellent customer service

– Over and above expectations, go out of their way to do extra things for clients

– Dedicated, committed to clients, motivating, empowering

– Take a lot of pride in their work – always seems to be enjoying their job

– Fun, creative, always a surprise/never know what will be pulled out of their sleeves and make clients do next – never boring!

– Teach safe techniques, modifies exercises to suit each individual

– Hold clients accountable

– Challenge clients more than they would themselves, does exercises they wouldn’t think of or do on their own

– Not intimidating, easy going, stress-free, helps to take your mind off of the day’s stresses

– Give clients a boost each week that they need to keep pushing and stay on track

– Provides clients with workouts & exercises to do on their own when they don’t see them

*Please note that results may vary depending on your current fitness level, diet, and lifestyle.*

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending” – Anonymous