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More About Carla Pagniello

Inspiration Fitness founder Carla Pagniello has earned two Bachelor’s degrees at the University of Toronto – Physical Education and Health and Teaching. While working consecutively as a Kinesiologist, after completing her first degree in 2004, Carla soon made the transition to become a full-time personal trainer at the Sports Clubs of Canada while returning to school to study teaching fulltime. It was not long before Carla realized that the jobs she had taken to help her through her education had become her passion. Her fulfillment in helping coach others into an active healthy lifestyle was the catalyst for a change in career focus. Naturally, Carla took the next step and started her own in-home personal training company in 2007- Inspiration Fitness.

Fitness has always been a part of Carla’s life. Throughout her childhood Carla was heavily involved in athletics and played baseball and hockey both at highly competitive levels. While working towards her undergrad in Physical Education and Health at The University of Toronto, Carla was a 4 year member of the Varsity Women’s Ice Hockey Team. Through this experience Carla learned what it takes to be committed and experience the feeling of accomplishment that hard work and dedication can bring. Carla is always challenging herself to be better and do bigger things in life.

Carla has maintained a loyal clientele base which speaks volumes towards her level of professionalism and client driven approach to service. Her focus with clients is to teach them healthy lifestyle habits that include balance through exercise, nutrition, relaxation & stress management, and proper sleep. Specializing in weight loss, strength and muscle gain, nutrition, sports specific training, and motivation, Carla makes sure clients receive personalized programs that are specific to their physical needs and health goals.

The “high” and “zest for life” that exercise and eating healthy awards Carla allows her to feel strong, energetic, confident, and enthusiastic about life – awakening these feelings in clients is what motivates Carla. Her aim is to bring the best out of her clients so that they may reach their full potential and accomplish their goals. “I genuinely want to help people and make a difference in their lives. I truly care about the happiness of my clients and want them to succeed”. Carla is someone who leads by example and lives to inspire others (through her own life) to be healthier and happier.

On top of being highly motivating and passionate about her job as a trainer, Carla is extremely knowledgeable in the science of exercise and healthy eating. Continuing post-graduate education she has received a number of certifications that confirm her devotion to her profession and continual personal growth, including: Personal Trainer Specialist, Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist, YogaFit Exercise Specialist, Sport Strength – Twist Conditioning, Level One Kettlebell Training Specialist, and Coaching and Corrective Exercise workshops. Carla’s aim, through applying these new concepts to every personal training session, is to facilitate her clients’ achievement to levels beyond their own expectations; thus unlocking a true joy from movement and balanced healthy living never before experienced.




  • Bachelor of Physical Health and Education from the University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto
  • Kinesiologist
  • Personal Trainer Specialist (Can-Fit Pro)
  • Sport-Conditioning, Level I (Twist Conditioning)
  • Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist
  • Yoga Fit Exercise Specialist, Level IV
  • Kettlebell certified, Level I
  • Level II Theory of Coaching
  • First Responder/CPR/First Aid certified

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