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John Dela Vina

John Dela Vina

John Dela Vina has earned a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Brock University. John has also been a personal trainer since 2013 starting at Brock University’s Fitness Facility. This is where he got his first hands-on experience of personal training and worked with a variety of clients; as well as teaching classes such as boot camps, kickboxing and self-defense, HIIT, and much more.

Fitness means a great deal to John! At a young age, John was clinically overweight and was told by doctors to change his bad habits if he wanted to continue to lead a healthy and happy life. From that point on John promised himself that he will commit to fitness and change his life for the better. John became heavily involved in sports such as basketball, tennis, baseball, and soccer. He also started exercising to go along with a healthy diet. The transition to a healthy lifestyle was life changing for John! He became more confident, physically and mentally. This experience also helped John learn that it takes hard work and dedication to accomplish goals, big and small. John hopes to share and help everyone experience the fulfillment of achieving incredible goals just as he does day in and day out. That is why John has so much passion in helping others.

John has worked with a variety of different clients who all have seen growth and positive outcomes. His professionalism and friendly approach motivates clients to do better and work harder. John specializes in weight loss, muscle gain, strength gain, injury rehabilitation, sports training, kick boxing, self defense, self-motivation, and program design.

John’s passion for what he does helps him grow and learn every day. While he has plenty of experience, he knows that there is always more he can learn and pass onto his clients. John aims to help clients become more confident and dedicated while enjoying the journey of a healthy lifestyle and ultimately achieving beyond their personal goals. Continuous personal growth is his top priority because he knows that as he grows as a professional and as a person; it will lead to the growth of others around him as well.



Bachelor of Kinesiology – Brock University

Bachelor of Business Administration – Brock University

Personal Trainer Specialist (CPTN-CPT)

First Aid/CPR Certified